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Tegan and Sara

—Where Does the Good Go


where does the good go // tegan and sara

where do you go with your broken heart in tow?
what do you do with the leftover you?
and how do you know when to let go?
where does the good go, where does the good go?

It’s love that leaves, that breaks the seal
Of always thinking you would be
Real, happy, and healthy, strong and calm
Where does the good go?

— Tegan and Sara, Where Does the Good Go (via foodmendisney)

Bon Iver

—Blood Bank

"It fucks with your honor and it teases your head but you know that it’s good girl ‘cos it’s running you with red

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For you, a thousand times over.

— Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via choichan)

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Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

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{ sense of rebirth }

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Neutral Milk Hotel

—Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two


Neutral Milk Hotel — “Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two”

and in my dreams, you’re alive and you’re crying
as your mouth moves in mine, soft and sweet
rings of flowers ‘round your eyes and
I’ll love you 
for the rest of your life
when you’re ready

'Tell me what happens the first time you see a woman naked.'

'The first time you see a woman naked will not be like you imagined. There will be no love, no trust, no intimacy. You won’t even be in the same room as her.

You won’t get to smile as she undresses you and you undress her. You won’t get to calm her nerves with nerves of your own. You won’t get to kiss her, feeling her lips and the edge of her tongue. You won’t get to brush your fingers over the lace of her bra or count her ribs or feel her heartbeat.

The first time you see a woman naked you will be sitting in front of a computer screen watching someone play at intimacy and perform at sex. She will contort her body to please everyone in the room but her. You will watch this woman who is not a woman, pixelated and filtered and customized. She will come ready-made, like an order at a restaurant. The man on the screen will be bigger than you, rougher than you. He will teach you how to talk to her. He will teach you where to put your hands and he will teach you what you’re supposed to like. He will teach you to take what is yours.

You must unlearn this. You must unlearn this twisted sense of love. You must unlearn the definition of pleasure and intimacy you are being taught. Kill this idea of love, this idea of entitlement, this way of scarring one another.’

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